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Sounding sound, 2022
in collaboration with Mónica Celeste Seppänen

Sounding sound is an experimental documentary film looking for negative spaces in between nights and days, the felt and the seen, the touched and the imagined, the earthly and the celestial.  The film is articulated in four chapters repeated cyclically.

We gathered images from our collective walking practice during the spring when the snow was melting, always along the same route in the Uutela forest in Vuosaari, Finland. Our process was based on intuition, experimenting and learning from the forest. We have collaborated throughout the walking, filming, scripting and editing.

“Vuosaari, Nordsjö, a narrow path separated by a sound. Sound, waterway, bras de mer; the sound is disappearing because land is rising. Sens, sensory, sensible, sentience, scent, sentir, ressentir, sonner, sonder, sounding, sound, the sound of the island. When does snow become sea? This peninsula is floating on soft mantle. With the melting of the glaciers, and so the loss of kilometres of ice weight, the land is slowly rising. Coming from southeast, the boulders we find on Vuosaari coast were moving against the stream. They must have come by sea with floating icebergs, at the time, the sea level was 100m higher than today. We are standing in the sea bottom, Antti said. Or was it the giants throwing boulders? My mind was drifting from vernacular to scientific speculation.”

We thank all who were present, Maikki Siuko, Tatiana Mantovani, Uutela forest, Baltic sea, Genietta Varsi, Lucy Davis, Miika Kantola.

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