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Le feu tue les yeux de la nuit [Fire kills the eyes of the night], 2020
two-channel video

“A man who cannot bring himself to sacrifice his daughter to the gods decides to build them a sanctuary so they would stop wandering the plains and rest there as in ancient times.”

Le feu tue les yeux de la nuit [Fire kills the eyes of the night] is a video installation based on the scenario of a never produced feature film.
In the original script, I was intrigued by the relationships between all three human protagonists and the landscape, and struck by the fantasy and exoticism related to it. A father, his daughter and a stranger are trying to deal with repressed feelings they have for each other and at the same time, trying to please the gods to save their land. I took a documentary approach and chose to adapt the story from the Island point of view, who thus becomes witness and narrator of the human spectacle.

Many thanks to my dad, mom, manu, india, antoine, lana, tonton, jules, corentin, and Marie Collin. Sound editing: Yatoni Roy Cantù. Voice: Dac Hanh Nguyen.

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